The xTool D1 engraver is the first engraver I try not to support LaserGRBL. The choice of this manufacturer was to invest in the development of its own software platform (xTool Creative space) which is available free of charge for Windows and MacOS.

This program allows you to do all the classic things: engrave a drawing, cut a profile, create writing and graphics in a simple and immediate way, and it’s a good program.

Trying this machine, you realize that the choice made by xTool is aimed at a better and total integration between the machine and its software. Creative space automatically recognizes the machine, connects to it via USB and via WiFi, checks and installs the presence of new firmware updates, allows easy and simplified use for people who have no experience.

However, more experienced people may find the lack of support for a standard GRBL firmware limiting, so I hope that the xTool makers will be able to work on a future firmware that is also GRBL compatible.

The engraver exists in two colors, satin gray and red-gold, both very elegant and pleasant in appearance.

The machine is very easy to assemble, the package contains a very complete and well done assembly manual, with many images. It is not limited to the assembly instructions but also explains the basics of how to use the machine and the software, and a series of images of works made with it to draw inspiration from.

Speaking instead of the quality of the mechanics and the laser module, we can say that xTool has invented one of the best laser head locking-unlocking systems, which makes focusing on the piece very simple.

xTool Laser module with focus lock lever and fine-tune sink regulation

A micrometric scale also allows the adjustment of the “sinking” of the fire on the plane of the material, useful when you have to make cuts on the material.

One of the most interesting things about xTool is the availability of an infrared laser module with which metal marking is possible.

1064nm infrared laser module, compared to blue light laser module

What makes this module special is that infrared light has different absorption compared to visible light, so you will be able to engrave different materials with this laser module such as metals and transparent acrylics.

There are many videos showing the qualities of this laser and this machine, here I have collected some of them.

from: https://hobbylasercutters.com/xtool-infrared-laser-module/

xTool is now going to release a new 40W optical power laser diode, mounting 8×5.5w optical power laser diode, demonstrating an interest in presenting itself as an avant-garde brand in the creation of ever more innovative and powerful modules.