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Atomstack focus it product on solidity and laser module innovation: It is among the machines with the most powerful and advanced laser module ever! I recommend their product because:

The fact that it is made entirely of metal makes it more stable, this means that the machine will stand still on the table without having to screw it solidly to it (as with other machines that move when the laser shakes). Furthermore, the control board is also shielded in a metal container.

In 2023 Atomstack release the first opta-core diode laser (48W optical power) and just one year later, in 2024, they release a module able of 70W of power thanks to 14 laser diode in a single package.

In 2022 Atomstack release the first quad-core diode laser (20W optical power)
This modules is able to cut up to 20mm solid wood. This models is called X20 (or S20) and it is so powerful that is also able to cut thin metal foil. Furthermore it comes with air-assist pump, to give you clean and fast cut on all materials.

My tests on Atomstack X20
Atomstack X20 with air-assist and offline controller

The Atomstack X20 is the first machine equipped with this innovative laser diode and come with built-in air assist system and offline controller.

One of the best model is the S10 / A10 Pro which is equipped with a 10W optical power laser capable of cutting up to 20mm of wood and which is equipped with an offline controller to be able to operate without a computer.

Atomstack S10 with 10W optical power laser, and offline controller

Atomstack also offer a cheaper engraver called A5 PRO with good quality laser module.