Sculpfun is a relatively new brand in this product segment, and I was lucky enough to be able to test some of their engraver. A new brand but with desire to impose as a brand.

I found the product extremely solid and well designed (which is what I love the most).

With the new S10 flagship model, Sculpfun sets a new reference point for the market: an engraver with 10W of optical power and built-in air assist system.

Here is my review and test:

Sculpfun S10 with built-in air assist system

I suggest Sculpfun because it has the best price/quality ratio. Here you can find my review of the mid-range product “Sculpfun S9” that can be found for less then $300.

The magic with Sculpfun is that they sell the air-assist upgrade kit for S9 machine, so user that buy the S9 mid-level machine can upgrade their machine without needs to buy the whole S10 machine (same for the laser module).

Sculpfun S9 use a proprietary “beam shaping technology” (a lens system) which combined with 5.5W optical power diode, produces a more concentrated and deeper focused laser beam, which allows for a cleaner and deeper cut, up to 15mm.

The new S9 with beam shaping technology

Some older model are also available for less, like the great S6 Pro (2020) dated, but still capable of delivering great results at affordable prices for any budget. In any case, given the small price difference I recommend the newer S9 model, or if you want the best I suggest the S10 model which is a real explosion of power!

SculpFun S6 Pro