I develop LaserGRBL for free
I give it to you for free
but I cannot reply to hundreds help request for free

If you like LaserGRBL, and you want to support its development please consider making a donation!

I apologize: as a single spare-time developer I cannot reply to all the help request I receive.
LaserGRBL is used by more than 60’000 people around the world, you can understand me if I can’t answer all request.

1) make sure you have read the LaserGRBL FAQ where you can find the answers to the most common questions, as well as LaserGRBL usage guide.

2) If you have some issue with your grbl configuration (wrong engraving size, issue with axis direction, no homing) read the document I wrote “guide to grbl configuration“.

3) If nothing help please consider join LaserGRBL facebook community where thousand of experienced people can give you a hand.

4) Don’t be afraid to search the internet: google and youtube are your friends. You will find answers to almost all questions, and guides made by LaserGRBL users .

5) If you have any problems with your hardware please consider asking support to vendors or manifacturer. Remember that they are the ones who have been paid with your money, so please contact them, not me!

I DO NOT sell lasers, and I am not in partnership with whoever sells them.

Again: LaserGRBL is not related to any specific laser engraver hardware or vendors. If you have trouble with your hardware please do not contact me,  contact seller instead!

If you want to collaborate with the project, have a business proposal, or need to contact me for something other than a request for help, then feel free to use this form.