Custom buttons

LaserGRBL support custom buttons. Right-click in button area to add a new custom button.

Add custom button

In custom button you can write a set of G-Code instruction to execute customized actions. 

There is 3 types of custom buttons:

  • Button
  • TwoStateButton
  • PushButton

Custom button of type “Button” contains a block of GCode to be executed on click. This could be used to launch a series of gcode instruction i.e. for trace a frame around an image or set a new zero position.

“TwoStateButton” contains two block of GCode. The first action is executed on a first click, then the second action is executed on a second click. This is very useful for action like toggling laser on-off to see its position.

Toggle laser ON/OFF

“PushButton” is similar to “TwoStateButton” but the first action is executed on mouse down, the second is executed on mouse up. 

Custom Buttons support a series of variables that can be used in expressions between square brackets. Here is the full set of supported variables:

leftLeft margin of loaded image (X)
rightRight margin of loaded image (X)
topTop margin of loaded image (Y)
bottomBottom margin of loaded image (Y)
widthWidth of loaded image
heightHeight of loaded image
jogstepActual value of jog step cursor
jogspeedActual value of jog speed cursor
WCO.XActual value of WCO X (Work Coordinate Offset) use .X .Y .Z
MPos.XActual Machine position. Support .X .Y .Z
WPos.XActual Work position. Support .X .Y .Z
$numThe value of $num parameter (i.e. $30) [from version 3.8.2]

A nice set of pre-defined custom buttons can be downloaded here:

To install custom buttons just download this file, start LaserGRBL, right click in custom button area, select “import” from menu, and select the downloaded file.