Wow, what an impressive engraver!
This was my reaction when I opened the box of my new iKier Pro Max 48/24W.

This machine claim to be 48W and I have tried this machine with various materials, up to 15mm thick hardwoods and have always managed to cut successfully. But not only that… I also tried to cut steel and… surprise! This machine does it effortlessly, so YES, that 48W of power seem to be real!

iKier K1 Pro Max 48W – video review and testing

When faced with iKier Pro we immediately realize that we are faced with something different from everything we have already seen in the world of laser marking.

With iKier K1 Pro Max I was able to make some Christmas decorations in just a few minutes, saving time and obtaining a professional result.

Benefits of iKier K1

  1. the frame of this machine is made in a professional and very solid manner, using thick aluminum profiles. In this way the machine will always be perfect and will last over time.
  2. the mechanics, pleasantly hidden and protected from dust inside the frame, are of the highest quality.
  3. The laser module is very large to accommodate 8 laser diodes and to ensure heat dissipation. Furthermore, the laser is equipped with an auto-focus system, motorized Z axis and a cross pointer for aligning the piece.
  4. the air-assist pump is powerful and turns on only when needed, guaranteeing a clean and deep cut.
  5. Made in partnership with Atomstack, one of most famous and affordable brand in laser engraving.
  6. PC and mobile app, with WiFi connection

Speaking of mechanics, we have a machine equipped with recirculating linear bearings: a product that is usually only found on high-end CNCs and which guarantee high speeds and the best working precision with tolerances to the thousandth of a millimetre.

Speaking of laser power, here Ikier surpasses itself, and beats all the competition: the flagship model reaches 48W, so much so that Ikier has adopted a switch that allows you to work at reduced power to obtain the best results even on the lightest materials .

All this is made possible by the use of 8 laser diodes mounted in parallel, for truly incredible firepower!

I can say that until now I have never seen such a well built machine, with full optional, and with impressive power like iKier K1 Pro Max. Definitely an excellent purchase.


iKier IR20 – infrared laser module

The iKier IR20 Laser unit is the first and only external unit capable of providing 20W of infrared power! With this module you can reach where classic blue lasers cannot reach: metal, plexyglass and other materials will no longer be a problem for you!