Raster image import

Raster import allows you to load an image of any kind in LaserGRBL and turn it GCode instructions without the need of other software. LaserGRBL supports photos, clip art, pencil drawings, logos, icons and try to do the best with any kind of image.

It can be recalled from “File, Open File” menu by selecting an image of type jpg, png or bmp

Raster import dialog is made up of 5 parts:

Import Raster Image dialog
  1. Parameters: transform original image in grayscale or black and white.
  2. Conversion tool: choose between tools  suitable to various types of images.
    1. Line To Line: for grayscale PWM pictures
    2. Dithering: for grayscale dithering tecnique
    3. Vectorize!: produce the best result with logo and hand drawn images
  3. Tool options: contains a specific set of parameters for each different import tool.
  4. Rotate, crop and flip tools
  5. Image preview and original image tab