Longer B1 20W: most powerful longer engraver.

Longer B1 -20W

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LONGER B1 -20W – Real life usage for wedding project

Longer RAY 5

Longer RAY5 is the first laser engraver I personally tested with a full functionally offline controller. Micro-SD slot & touch-screen give you the ability to prepare your job with LaserGRBL and than execute it offline, without needs of connected PC.

This way you can use your PC to prepare another job, watching a film, or simply shutting it down. This is very useful especially if you have more than one engraver, and you want to use them together.

Longer RAY5 with offline touch-screen controller

Longer Ray 5 is available with latest technology 10W optical power laser module or with a cheaper 5W laser module.

Update 2023! I have tested the 10W module, and it’s power is awesome! Here is a test made in collaboration with Valeggio Fablab guys.

Longer RAY5 10W
Real life usage test – LONGER RAY5 10W

For the rest, Longer RAY5 is a solid and functional machine. Obviously 100% compatible with LaserGRBL and other engraving software. Here is my video review of 5W version.

Longer RAY5 5W