Ortur is the #1 brand, leader in innovating laser engraver. With WiFi and an incredible speed of 20000 mm/min, Ortur Laser Master 3 is now the top engraver you can found on the market (2022).

Review of the incredible Laser Master 3

Ortur is one of the first brand I review and I recommend because:

  • is one of the best brand for technological innovation: they are always at the forefront in designing and putting on the market new and more powerful models with innovative features in each new model
  • they take safety very seriously with lot of unique feature: active position protection via G-shock sensor, active connection control (stop engraving if PC is disconnected or crash) , exposure limitation that turn off laser if there is no movement for a long time (prevent burning holes in your table or start a “garage fire”), active fire control etc…
  • they have limit switch sensors to allow repeatable positioning through the Homing procedure
  • they provide a good after-sale support via facebook, email and support site.
  • their products comes full of accessories, with good documentation, assembly and use guide, answers to the most frequently asked questions also with a series of video tutorials
  • they have a lot of laser module with different power 2W / 5.5W / 10W (optical power) and different lens options that suit all needs (short focus and long focus).
  • they have a full range of accessories and spare parts
The incredible Ortur Laser Master 3 – 10W
Ortur Laser Master 3 – With 20W Laser!

Ortur Laser Master 2

They also have a full range of accessories like fire-proof laser enclosure, Z axis for easy focus adjustment, rotary roller and many more.