FoxAlien brand is a little more expensive than Ortur, Atomstack and Sculpfun, but the product is of a higher class. The double motor on the Y axis guarantees faster and always accurate positioning, the cable-carrying chains ensure that the cables move without the risk of ending up under the laser beam.

FoxAlien is very simple to assemble because it comes mostly pre-assembled.

The solidity of the structure (we are talking about very thick mechanical parts, up to 8mm for acrylic parts) make it an excellent purchase for those wishing to expand it with more powerful lasers or small milling head.

The double motor and the solidity of the frame make it possible to use this engraver at speeds up to 20’000mm / min and accelerations of 6’000mm / sec ^ 2 without losing precision. This speeds are impossible with other cheaper engraver.

Finally the stepper motor has a resolution of 160 steps per millimeter: the double of the resolution of most competitor engraver!