My own engraver

My first one was made by CD-ROM parts. With a surface of 4x4cm and laser power of 250mW it was nothing more then a toy.

My first one, made from trash

My second one was built with drawers guides mounted on a wooden frame. With 25x30cm area it was a nice upgrade, but guides are not so precise, and speed was low.

I decide to upgrade it with a 2W blue laser and improve mechanic parts with self-cut support, linear bearings etc.

My older one at work

The actual one was born from the ashes of the previous from whom he inherited the frame and electronic parts, assembled in a nicer cleaner and more solid way.

Linear bearings
Stepper motor, assembled on plywood support
Motor counterpart
Electronic was rewired too
Control board with arduino (hidden) and stepper motor shield
The final assembly