LaserGRBL is a software to be used in association with a laser engraver, or alternatively with a CNC to which a Laser module has been added. The important thing is that this machine uses GRBL as a control system.

This site does not sell Laser, but we can suggest some solutions for all budgets.

Buy mechanics parts wherever you want, but we advise you not to buy laser products at low prices from aliexpress or ebay. Unfortunately, most of these products are poor quality lasers, often pumped at a higher power than they can withstand, and not adequately cooled, and are destined to fail soon.

A true 2W laser module (with lens, driver, heatsink) cannot cost less than $100 and a 10W complete laser cannot cost less than $500. If you find something less, don’t trust at all!

You don’t trust me? Read this: My experience with unbranded china laser.

Here is an affordable seller where you can find true power, complete and tested modules.

Finally, don’t forget that your safety depends greatly on the quality of the safety glasses you decide to buy.
Don’t be stingy: spend at least 30-40 dollars in your safety. $5 glasses are useless.