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Many people ask me for advice on which marker to buy. Buying from China is now almost an obligatory choice but unfortunately many Chinese products do not guarantee the right quality and reliability over time.

ORTUR brand is certainly an exception. I had the opportunity to personally test their products and I was impressed with the quality and the fact that the company is in a continuous research and development process to give the best quality-price ratio. Product – ORTUR Laser Master 2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine With 32-Bit Motherboard 7w 15w 20w Laser Printer CNC Router


Their engraver differ from any other products you can find on the market for at least 3 characteristics:

  • they use a 32bit control board (instead of classic 8bit ATmega328) with an improved version of Grbl. This means no more communication error, hang etc.
  • they take safety very seriously with lot of safety feature: active position protection via G-shock sensor, active connection control (stop engraving if PC is disconnected or crash) , exposure limitation that turn off laser if there is no movement for a long time (prevent burning holes in your table or start a “garage fire”)
  • they have limit switch sensors to allow repeatable positioning through the Homing procedure

In addition, their products comes with good documentation, assembly and use guide, answers to the most frequently asked questions also with a series of video tutorials.

All this documentation can be downloaded thanks to a link that you can find in the box with the engraver, which is complete with all accessories for use and assembly carefully packed in an anti-shock package suitable for transport .

The after-sales assistance is also of good quality, both through email and via their facebook page

If you want to update your laser engraver with a more powerful unit they also sell spare laser module with different power options: 7W/15W/20W (electrical power). Product – ORTUR Laser Unit 20W 15W 7W Laser Module Adjustable Focus PWM Mode for Desktop Engraving Machines 3d printer parts